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What’s the feature of aluminum foil packaging bags? What’s their usage?

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   Features of aluminum foil packaging bags:
Aluminum-plastic composite bag integrates the advantages of all packaging bags in one, featuring low cost, dedicate printing, oblique appearance, silver while color, luster, good resistance, thermal sealability, resistance against rotation, resistance against high temperature, resistance against low temperature, resistance against oil, fragrance reservation, nontoxicity, odorlessness and flexibility. Unique design and brand new printing techniques highlight the pattern and trademark. It can be used to design unique trademarks and patterns for good anti-fake performance, emphasize on the products’ levels and present unique shelf effect.
Materials used for aluminum foil packaging bags: PET/NY/AL/PE(general packaging) and PET/NY/AL/CPP(high temperature steaming and stewing)
Thickness: 70-180um
Bag type: Tri-side sealed bag, self-standing zipper bag and Yin-yang bag
Feature: PET-good printing effect, NY-low oxygen permeability, PE-interior layer of common package, CPP-interior layer of high temperature steaming and stewing, and AL-good resistance and light resistance.

Applicable scope of aluminum foil bags:
1. Food packaging bags: Maintain fragrance, quality, smell and color of the rice, fish products, dried fish, aquatic products, cured meat, roasted duck, roasted chicken, roasted pig, quick-frozen food, ham, dry-cured meat product, sausage, cooked meat product, pickled vegetable, sweetened bean paste and seasoning.
2. Applicable to packages of various circuit boards, electronic products, precise mechanical accessories and industrial stuffs, e.g. PC board, IC integrated circuit, electronic element, SMT paster of various LED sectors, light bar, precise hardware and automobile accessories.

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