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How to effectively lower the consumption of colored printed packaging bags?

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2017/3/26 22:09:38 Hits:4530
Of course, the colored printed packaging bag sector is booming now, leaving tremendous development prospect for enormous investors to have a try. Nonetheless, it’s never a quick success. From a small company to an industrial giant, we need to learn and grow step by step.
In the printing process, color tuning and chromatography consume the majority of energy. For example, for printing products of 8 colors with common China-made machines, the company would normally set the machine consumption and color consumption limits for the employee. Ideally, the machine consumption would be controlled between 150m and 300m. Typically, a general color printing company can add 50m/color to the color. Why so many enterprises still consume more than the limits? The answer is the artificial control. In the printing process, the employee and basic management would reckon it ok just to control the production quality of the machine or when no quality issue appears. They seldom take the energy consumption into account. If the interest saved could be shared with the employee as a reward for lower energy consumption, it could greatly motivate the employee’s motivation, thus shaping a win-win situation.
Colored printed packaging bags are applicable to foods, costumes, chemical industry and pesticide sector. Boasting a completed and scientific management system, the company will offer the optimum packaging solution for you.
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