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As the social development pace speeds up nowadays, packaging bag for meat products has become a great demand. Meat products are typically packaged with highly resistant packaging materia…
  • Analysis on Breakage at the Thermal Seal of Nuts Packaging Bags2017-03-26
  • As a major category, packaging bags for nuts are widely used in the industry. Bags of this type commonly include the standing type and tri-side sealed type, or the aerated type and vacuu…
  • Why packaging bags for quick-frozen or frozen foods are easy to break …2017-03-26
  • Quality-related issue:A certain proportion of packaging bags for quick-frozen foods is broken up at the bag body(instead of the seal) during the storage, transportation and sales process…
  • What films are commonly used for tea packaging bags?2017-03-26
  • Though as a major component of the packaging bag industry, tea packaging bags are not familiar among users. Films commonly used for tea packaging bags include:Easy Tear PET FilmFeature: …
  • How to judge quality of the aluminum film?2017-03-26
  • 1. Printing quality: Check if there’s apparently a third color at the joint of two colors. The higher definition of the physical figure, the better the effect. Check if there’s drawn w…
  • What’s the feature of aluminum foil packaging bags? What’s their usa…2017-03-26
  • Features of aluminum foil packaging bags:Aluminum-plastic composite bag integrates the advantages of all packaging bags in one, featuring low cost, dedicate printing, oblique appearance…
  • What information must be marked on food packaging bags?2017-03-26
  • Food safety has long been a hot topic. The China Food and Drug Administration conducts strict supervision upon foods. Due to direct contact with the food, safety of the packaging bags is…
  • How to effectively lower the consumption of colored printed packaging …2017-03-26
  • Of course, the colored printed packaging bag sector is booming now, leaving tremendous development prospect for enormous investors to have a try. Nonetheless, it’s never a quick success…
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